Semi-Automatic Glue and Dowel

Injecta I & II

Gannomat Injekta
Injekta - Precision glue injection

The Injecta can save your company time and money by metering your glue insertion at the assembly line. Injecta's easy to use, light weight and ergonomic design help save your company time and money. Injecta meters your glue shot into the face hole or dado to the millisecond giving you a consistent product with no glue waste.

  • Always the same and right glue amount
  • No cleaning afterwards of workpieces with too much glue
  • Easiest and minimal cleaning (1x week) of the gluing system (through cleaning program)
  • Glue cost savings
  • Ergonomic and light glue gun compared to squeeze glue bottles
  • Faster and more precise working compared to squeeze glue bottles

Selekta 253

Gannomat Selekta 253
Gannomat Selekta

Gannomat has worked hard to bring to you the its third-generation semi-auto glue and dowel insertion pistol the Selekta 253. The Selekta 253 is a large step up from inserting glue and dowels by hand. An experienced assembler can insert about 10 dowels by hand every minute with an inconsistent glue amount squeezed by bottle. The Selekta 253 however can insert 40 dowels a minute with a consistent glue amount down to the millisecond. The Selekta 253 not only greatly increases productivity, it gives you a consistent product you and your customers can rely on.

  • Constant outstanding dowel length projection
  • Always constant and correct glue amount
  • Simple cleaning of the gluing system through EasyClean, the automatic cleaning program
  • Automatic rejection of dowels with the incorrect diameter and length through Auto-DL-Selekt
  • Dowels are not inserted to the bottom of the hole, the outstanding dowel length projection is adjusted independent to the drilling depth
  • Recoilless, extra light and comfortable glue-dowel-inserting-gun
  • Great time saver compared to squeeze glue bottle and hammer


Gannomat Leimfix
Gannomat Leimfix

Efficient gluing for cabinetry in dowel holes and back side grooves as well as gluing at frame, window and door constructions of dowel holes and mortise and tenon joints.

  • Universal glue applicator
  • Timesaving – Easy – Clean
  • Different nozzles and attachments available
  • Moveable