Spectrum ThruFeed Dowel Insertion

Multi-spindle thrufeed bore and dowel insertion machine in the System 32mm through multi-spindle drillhead and adjustable doweling stations.

Spectrum 50

Spectrum 50
Spectrum 50
  • Double sided boring and dowel insertion with a workpiece return transport system
  • Small footprint requirement for a multi-spindle thrufeed dowel insertion machine
  • Optional – additional vertical drilling units
  • Closed gluing system
  • Double sided drill glue dowel machine for high capacity

Universal Application:

  • Furniture and cabinets parts or case good parts
  • Tops, bottoms
  • Small and narrow parts
  • Drawers
  • Frame parts
  • Frame components

Configuration / Equipment / Options:

  • Horizontal drilling
  • Horizontal glue and dowel insertion
  • Vertical drilling from the top (option)
  • Adjustable glue and dowel units
  • Additional glue and dowel insertion stations (option)
  • Double cycle function for narrow parts (option)
  • Automatic workpiece in-feed
  • Automatic workpiece return-feed
  • Loading through magazine (option)


  • Fast machining through strong drilling power
  • Flexible for large and small batch sizes
  • Precision utilizing drilling at a stand still with one clamping cycle
  • Very compact machine design
  • Solid and stable construction