Material Handling

One of the only ways to accelerate your company's assembly process is to implement assembly line assistance. Gannomat assembly line options not only help keep your employees happy and healthy, they alleviate bottlenecks at the end of your production line to expedite your customers orders. Gannomat offers a variety of assembly line options to fit your company's specific production flow. These options can range from manual, to semi-automatic and fully automatic lines built in and around Gannomats' top of the line Concept Case Clamp line.

Concept Easy 70

Concept 70 ECO

Gannomat Concept 70 ECO with AirJet
Concept 70 ECO with AirJet

Gannomat Concept ECO Handling
Concept Concept ECO Handling

Concept Primus 70/90

Gannomat Concept Primus Material Handling
Concept Primus Material Handling


Pre-Assemble Table


Pre-Assemble Table + Tilt-Up Station

Gannomat Concept Material Handling with Tilt-Up Station
Concept Material Handling with Tilt-Up Station


Pre-Assemble Table + Angular Transfer Semi-Automatic