Dowel Construction Boring


21 Spindle Construction Boring

DB-21 - 21 Spindle Construction Boring
  • Universal drilling machine for panel and solid wood construction
  • Holes drilled on a 32mm pitch
  • Solid steel frame and clamping surface for precision and durability
  • Easy settings via mechanical digital counters for side and front stops and for drilling height position
  • Tool-less quick-change system for stopping ruler

Universal drilling for:

  • dowel construction holes
  • system line holes
  • all kinds of furniture connectors
  • handle and through holes
  • hinges
  • 3- 5- 7-hole groups
  • boreholes for drawer slides and guides
  • holes for door frames and table legs
  • and more...

Precise and accurate multi-boring machines for casegoods, furniture fittings, line drilling and framework in the 32mm system. The DB is a semi-automatic boring machine with 21, 27 or 35 precision drilling spindles. The DB series comes standard in the US market with 4 hold down clamps and pneumatic head tilt for easy conversion between horizontal and vertical boring. Many options are available to produce holes for almost any part needed in cabinet and closet production, including line boring for shelf holes on 32mm pitch.


27 Spindle Construction Boring

Gannomat DB-27
DB-27 - 27 Spindle Construction Boring

The DB-27 is a 27 spindle construction boring machine



35 Spindle Construction Boring

No picture available

The DB-35 is a 35 spindle construction boring machine